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Create the Object (types)

Loc: x/stake/types.go
// CandidateStatus - status of a validator-candidate
type CandidateStatus byte
const (
// nolint
Bonded CandidateStatus = 0x00
Unbonded CandidateStatus = 0x01
Revoked CandidateStatus = 0x02
// Candidate defines the total amount of bond shares and their exchange rate to
// coins. Accumulation of interest is modelled as an in increase in the
// exchange rate, and slashing as a decrease. When coins are delegated to this
// candidate, the candidate is credited with a DelegatorBond whose number of
// bond shares is based on the amount of coins delegated divided by the current
// exchange rate. Voting power can be calculated as total bonds multiplied by
// exchange rate.
type Candidate struct {
Status CandidateStatus `json:"status"` // Bonded status
Address sdk.Address `json:"owner"` // Sender of BondTx - UnbondTx returns here
PubKey crypto.PubKey `json:"pub_key"` // Pubkey of candidate
Assets sdk.Rat `json:"assets"` // total shares of a global hold pools
Liabilities sdk.Rat `json:"liabilities"` // total shares issued to a candidate's delegators
Description Description `json:"description"` // Description terms for the candidate
ValidatorBondHeight int64 `json:"validator_bond_height"` // Earliest height as a bonded validator
ValidatorBondCounter int16 `json:"validator_bond_counter"` // Block-local tx index of validator change
// Candidates - list of Candidates
type Candidates []Candidate
// NewCandidate - initialize a new candidate
func NewCandidate(address sdk.Address, pubKey crypto.PubKey, description Description) Candidate {
// Description - description fields for a candidate
type Description struct {
Moniker string `json:"moniker"`
Identity string `json:"identity"`
Website string `json:"website"`
Details string `json:"details"`
func NewDescription(moniker, identity, website, details string) Description {
// get the exchange rate of global pool shares over delegator shares
func (c Candidate) delegatorShareExRate() sdk.Rat {
if c.Liabilities.IsZero() {
return sdk.OneRat()
return c.Assets.Quo(c.Liabilities)
types.go 就是定义模块所需的数据结构,比如上面就是stake的代码片段,定义了stake模块的candidate的数据结构。他的成员变量的作用我就不讲解了,和本文目前也没有很大的关系。